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Creativity With Monica is where Monica H. Kang shares resources and tools for children’s creativity education. The site is dedicated to creating tools, resources, games, and interactive programs to empower our next generation with creativity, courage, and curiosity. 

Monica H. Kang is the award-winning children’s book author who specializes in depicting creativity, emotions, and diversity. She is on a mission to unlock creativity for all and is eager to create resources that could empower young friends to find their creative authentic voices. When she isn’t writing, she serves Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, and global leaders, helping them to rethink culture, leadership, and team development alongside her company InnovatorsBox® and her books Rethink Creativity: How to Thrive, Inspire and Innovate at Work and Have You Seen My Friends?  She dreams of a day when everyone can show up as themselves and cannot wait for more young friends to harness their full creative power.


Monica H. Kang

Korean-American Monica H. Kang grew up curious. After receiving a BA from Boston University in International Relations and International Economics and in Chinese, and an MA from Johns Hopkins in Strategic Studies and International Economics, she found herself working in nuclear non-proliferation. It was her dream job—but it felt off. She rekindled her lost imagination and, in doing so, found her calling as founder of InnovatorsBox, a culture and leadership development company designed to aid professionals in honing their creativity so they can solve problems in the face of change and complexity.  

Through her work, Monica leads clients in examining their lives, identifying goals, and unleashing the creativity buried within so they can achieve true fulfillment. Utilizing workshops, consulting, facilitation, and tools, Monica teaches people how to control their perspective and maximize their happiness by understanding the roots, roadblocks, and benefits of harnessing creative thinking—and, beyond that, how to use their own past experiences to shape bold futures. 

A creator at heart, Monica saw her commitment to providing space for creativity, knowledge, and adventure flourish as she began experimenting with writing. Her first book, Rethink Creativity: How to Innovate, Inspire, and Thrive at Work, came out in 2018 to rich acclaim. Buoyed by positive reaction, Monica began translating her work for younger audiences and built blueprints for three series centered, respectively, around creativity, diversity, and emotions. Her first (10-book) series, Adventures of Creativity, continues to win hearts. Monica designed the collection for young and old readers across the globe who wish to up their creative game . . . and have a blast en route!

Monica currently lives in Washington, DC, and has a lot of stories to tell—with more to come.


Creator. Speaker. Creative Educator.


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