Have You Seen

My Friends?

Written by Monica H. Kang
Illustrated by Khadeeja Qureshi

Have You Seen My Friends? presents the importance of treasuring our creativity, courage, and curiosity every day! As we grow older, we somehow forget to value how important it is to ask questions, try new things, and think differently. This playful book reminds you to treasure these “friends,” who are always near. 


Oh, how did I lose them? What a good question, my dear. Allow me to share who my three friends are and how you never want to let go of them on your journey through life. They seem to hang out around friends like you—kind, welcoming and real. Have you seen my friends? 

Author Bio

Monica H. Kang wonders how we can all live each day with more color and possibilities. As an award-winning author and Founder of InnovatorsBox®, she is on a mission to unlock creativity for all. She once thought she lost her dear friends too and hopes that this book inspires you to never part with your precious friends in your adventures. 

Illustrator Bio

Khadeeja Qureshi loves to tell stories by illustrating magical dreamy landscapes. She started drawing fantasy illustrations from a young age as she grew up in Peshawar, Pakistan. Today she continues to bring out more magic through her illustrations as a children’s book illustrator.


InnovatorsBox is on a mission to unlock creativity for all. We dedicate this book and the series of The Adventures of Creativity to help more young and old friends reconnect with their curiosity, courage and creativity everyday no matter where you are. Thank you for painting more possibilities by being you every day.

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