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I love questions and I love that you came here to ask more questions.

This is where I will answer some questions I get asked frequently. I will update at times to add more interesting questions when they arise. If you have another question that I didn’t answer here that you want to ask me, please reach out to me here. Thank you! 

For young friends: Learning about Monica and Creativity

Ooh I love that you asked. Imagine what it’s like to wake up to a day where it’s grey and the only thing you can do is what’s already been done before. Boo! Right? I’ve learned the hard way how living a life without creativity will make a person feel stuck, unhappy, and even depressed. But when I realized that creativity is something we already possess and can improve, I came to understand how brighter our lives can be. Yes, creativity is a way of living, and when we see everything with creativity, there are limitless possibilities.

Everywhere! Though a lot of my writing stems from my personal journey. Like most people, I write best when it’s coming from my heart. I feel writing is one of those things that isn’t easy to fake. Like if I was trying to write something I didn’t know about, you’d immediately know it! So, I spend a lot of time learning, thinking, reflecting and wondering so I can deepen my understanding of the world around me. I find that helps me find the courage to understand but also explore how I articulate my thoughts and stories in writing for you. Every challenge and joy my characters feel are based on real emotions, and I hope it reminds you how your emotions and thoughts are valuable too!

By believing you can! Everyone is already creative. Some of us just haven’t recognized what our creative voices are—or we’ve forgotten how to use them. In my youth, I didn’t believe that I was creative either. I didn’t fit into any traditional creative category. I wasn’t a painter nor good with math or at least there seemed to always be someone else who was better at that than me. But creativity isn’t about one form; it’s about seeing and doing things differently in every way. So just like how you tried a new way to write your journal, try cooking, or even a new way to solve a puzzle, those are all moments you are practicing creativity! With one question and wonderment at a time, be curious what rabbit hole you love to explore and why. What captivates you? What intrigues you? What are the things you enjoy doing most, and how do they inspire you to think differently and be more curious? Oh, and don’t forget to diversify along your journey. Just because you love reading doesn’t mean you should just read one type of book. Read many different stories—stories you love, stories you didn’t enjoy—and explore why and what ideas come to mind. Before you know it, your mind will be buzzing with new ideas that you can’t wait to try!

Oh, the fun and adventures they have! I know you’ll love them as much as they would love having you there too. Stay tuned for more book updates in the meantime, and do share your thoughts with me! I’d love to hear about your adventures too!

There are so many ways and they are likely already nearby you! Check out our resources page for more worksheets and visuals to play with. We would love to hear where you go and explore with your friends far and wide!

And I can’t wait to hear from you! Please share your wonderful letters here. I read each one with care and will get back to you as soon as I can. I will, at times, also share selective letters I receive that I hope to inspire other fans to know you are in good company with creativity.

In addition to the letter writing, you can also find me on Youtube, Instagram or Twitter

For educators: Inviting Monica related questions

I’d love to speak with your community about creativity too. Please fill out this form and read more information on my visit page where I share some insights about my visit.

The earlier the better! My calendar fills up pretty fast, and I’d love to be there for your event. I’d love at least 4–6 weeks advance notice, but at times I may be able to do shorter notice. Reach out to let me know, and we’ll explore from there.

Absolutely! When filling out the request form, please explain in detail what you hope the session will cover, why that’s important, and any other thoughts and questions you have. I’d love to help share my journey as an entrepreneur, business, Asian American, female, and anything else that could help empower our next generation to see how they can speak and stand in their creative voice as well. Oh, and we’ll always make time to play!


I’d love to share one with you too! There are a few ways to try. You can order here and indicate the recipient’s first name and shipping address. Please note that it may take a few weeks to reach you, but we can’t wait for you to receive your copy. Thanks for buying my book!

I donate my books and resources regularly for education, creativity, and community development throughout the year. Unfortunately, I’m not able to donate to everyone. I have to purchase each book and resource I donate, just like everyone else. So, please support the arts and resources by purchasing works by writers, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and more!

In general: Creativity resources

There are a ton out there, depending on how you like to learn best—which is an important question in itself in your journey to creativity. You want to learn in the way you are best inspired! And because I also live to learn in different ways, I love creating content and resources in many ways.

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