I’d love to share creativity with you in your classroom, library, organization, and community! Please note that all visits and speaking engagements during the pandemic will be held virtually in 2021–2022. This means that we can meet you anywhere as long as we have our good ol’ Wi-Fi!

Fill out this form to indicate which program or customized session you are interested in learning more about, and my team and I will be in touch soon. For other appearance-related questions, please email: My virtual visit sessions are 45 mins long except for the Story Time + Q&A session, which is 30 minutes. 


STORY TIME + Q&A (for K–5)

It’s virtual story time! Students will have the opportunity to ask questions after the read-aloud. (This session is 30 minutes long.) 

Fees for library/school visit:

  • $300 – for one 20-30 min session
  • $500 – for 45 min session
  • $990 – for two 45 min presentations
  • Other custom sessions and length of time are available upon further consultations.


Perfect to spice up virtual engagements with live storytelling. Students will reflect on and learn new insights regarding friendship, values, creativity, courage, and curiosity all while role-playing, reflecting, and playing. 

I will work with you to design a session in which we could ideate how to use the online space to prompt students to play tag, share about themselves, and reflect on the value of searching and treasuring important values and friends. 

And yes, I’m here to discuss more creative, curious, and courageous session ideas with you—anything that will bring out the best in our children via imagination and playfulness.


You can buy the books online at any store you’d like. But I can help you with your order too! To order from me, please request your book orders 3–5 weeks in advance.

To order signed books for students in advance:

Please request your book orders 4–6 weeks in advance. You can indicate the total number you are looking to order and where you want them shipped when you schedule a visit.


Reach out to us at I look forward to hearing from you!

Please read my Code of Conduct for Virtual Visits before you book an online appearance.

Code of Conduct for Virtual Visits

This author has a zero-tolerance policy for any and all forms of harassment. By agreeing to host a virtual story time, classroom visit, or any online event with Monica H. Kang, organizers and attendees agree to the terms of the zero-tolerance policy. 

Any conduct in violation of the zero-tolerance policy while a virtual visit is in progress will result in the removal of the harasser from the online session and/or the cancelation of a virtual session in progress. This conduct includes vulgar, obscene, or abusive language; name-calling; taunting; and any conduct that demeans on the basis of age, ethnicity, gender, religion, creed, or any other extraneous factors. 

The author is the sole judge as to whether a code of conduct violation has occurred. Thank you for respecting and agreeing to create a safe virtual room together for all to be inspired.

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